Dental Implants & Cosmetic Dentistry in Vero Beach, FL

Welcome to the The Dental Implant Center of Vero Beach

Welcome to The Dental Implant Center of Vero Beach, the most qualified and credentialed comprehensive implant reconstruction office in the tri-county area. Dr. Bucaj has been providing excellence in dentistry and dental implant placement to the community of Vero Beach, FL for over 15 years.

Our cutting-edge technology and techniques ensure the highest level of oral care, including the use of 3D CT scanners at every opportunity to create 3 Dimensional virtual models of your teeth and jawbone. Your safety, comfort, and care are our primary concern. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you!

What Sets Us Apart

Dental Implant Expert and Specialist in Comprehensive Implant Reconstruction (Surgical & Restorative), all under one roof. Visit and to learn more.

  • Board Certified Implant Specialist (ABOI/ID, AAID)
  • ACLS/BLS certified team
  • Cardiac monitors for patient safety
  • Highly-trained and qualified team and office
  • CT scan and 3D imaging for accuracy and precision
  • Guided digital Implant surgery and reconstruction


Dental Implant Surgery

Missing a tooth can put a strain on every aspect of your life. From jawbone deterioration to declining self-esteem, an incomplete set of teeth will take a toll on your overall health and well-being. The Implant Center of Vero Beach is proud to offer a revolutionary solution that focuses on all phases of dental implant surgery right here in our office through dental implant reconstruction so you can feel confident in chewing and smiling.

Dr. Bucaj is a Board-Certified Implant Specialist of the American Board of Implantology (ABOI)This designation symbolizes the highest level of qualification in implant dentistry. To receive this certification, a dentist must demonstrate knowledge, ability, and proficiency in implant dentistry through a rigorous examination process.

American Board of Oral Implantology Certification Logo

Board-Certified by the American Board of Oral Implantology & Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant Reconstruction

If you have a broken implant crown, an ill-fitting prosthetic crown, a history of oral trauma, an excess of cavities, or periodontal disease, our Dental Implant Reconstruction treatments will restore your smile and your teeth/jaw relationship. Dr. Bucaj’s extensive specialty training translates to an unsurpassed level of expertise and ensures optimal results.

Bone Grafting: Laying the groundwork for dental implants

In order to place a dental implant, in most instances, there must first be adequate jawbone present. Without sufficient bone mass, the dental implant is more likely to fail early or have trouble fusing with the existing bone at all. Bone grafting is a very common procedure during which we implant donated bone (Cadaver Human bone or from elsewhere in your body) and a special grafting material into the site that needs enhancement. With gentle and meticulous care, we transform lives every day by restoring both aesthetics and function to every smile.

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